Statement From The President

With the simple concept of creating value for society and customers, and a firm faith of revitalizing airline industry, Uplift Airport Services experienced more than 15 years struggling for the continuing progress and development of the company.

Today’s Uplift Airport Services has not only grown up as powerful system integrator, services provider and network operator in aviation industry in Romania, but also plan to step abroad to operate a variety of integrated aircraft handling services in Europe. Our overseas business opens a broader world for the sustainable development of the company.

The 15-year-old Uplift Airport Services is still very young but is already mature enough to pursue her goal. Uplift Airport Services has successful yesterday and today, and will be able to create a more brilliant future!

I believe that the most important issue to succeed was to focus on Safety, Training, and International Standards.

We are successful today because of our partners and my team members,

Thank you